The Financial Outlook For 2016

10000000000000A few years ago when this website was originally started the big question was whether the US was going to go over the so-called “fiscal cliff”. And while that certainly made for exciting, edge of your seats headline, the fact of the matter is that this was, in my humble opinion, never a real threat.

Why? Because the US economy is not something that can ever be fully understood by the public. Sure, there are a lot of economists, with fancy degrees who will talk for hours about government policy and the ramifications of this loophole, or that exemption, and they’ll feel oh-so-smart for their “understanding” of the economy, but really they are totally clueless! It just makes them feel good to think that they know what is going on, and if they can get some University or some corporation to pay them a decent salary for being an “expert” then more power to them, I guess.

My point is this, listening to these experts is a complete waste of time for the typical American investor/citizen. Sure, if your career is centered around debating things like fiscal cliffs and economic policy, then I guess it makes sense to follow what the “experts” are saying. But, if you are part of the other 99.992% of the population, it’s probably a better idea to ignore all that nonsense and focus on what really matters – your own personal financial situation.

Which brings us (finally) to the subject of today’s post – the financial outlook for 2016.

It’s hard to believe, but the great recession of 2008 was 7 years ago, and the past few years the stock market has been delivering healthy returns for investors. Of course there are those economic “experts” who will tell you that the market is about to crash and that we are on the verge of another recession, if not a full blown economic collapse, buhahaha.

Instead, I have a bit of a rosier outlook… And I’m not the only one. Here’s an article about that on the New York Times website.

That sounds pretty good. But what about the stock market”? How that going to be doing in 2016?

Well, according to “Market pundits predicting ‘crisis’ and ‘crash’ deserve our mocking laughter”

I love it. Their article goes on to say that market crashes are: “…the result of new information entering the marketplace, not what you, me, and the pundits already know.”

Which is exactly my point. These guys have no idea. All we can make our investing decisions on is the information that we do have, and based on the info I’ve come across, thing are looking just fine.

Sexual Problems In Men Over 40 Linked To Declining Economy?

couple on bedIs there a link between the declining sexual health in men over 40 and our country’s current economic problems. Although somewhat of a risque subject, there have been many to hypothesize a connection between the poor state of the United State’s finances and the apparently increasing number of US men over 40 experiencing sexual dysfunction issues like ED (erectile dysfunction) and decreased libido.

While I think that we can safely assume that these sexual issues probably have more than a few causes, all working in conjuncture with each other, the possibility that there may be economic factors involved was something that I found quite interesting.

In the (admittedly limited) research I conducted I discovered that while many studies have named stress as a major cause of ED, the underlying root cause of sad stress has rarely been looked into deeply, specifically in terms of how it could affect men’s sexual health.

I would wager however that financial woes are the number one leading cause of stress in America, followed closely by health and family issues. therefore it only stands to reason that the past few decades of lackluster growth and a worsening job market would be major causes of stress for older men.

As we’ve all heard – the gap between the wealthy and the impoverished is growing at an alarming rate. The middle-class is shrinking and it only makes sense that those Americans who have “fallen out” of the middle class would be experience a high degree of stress as well as the accompanying health-related side effects.

Like I talked about in my last post, corporate America is making life hard on their employees who they routinely exploit and control. In a situation like that it only makes sense that men would be struggling to maintain healthy libidos and sex-lives into their forties and beyond.

One positive note however is the fact that these days there are a great many more options for men dealing with these types of issues including herbal remedies, therapists of every kind, and even sexual education curriculum intended for adults.

After all, while our country’s financial future may still look a bit hazy, let’s not let it destroy our sex0lives for gosh sakes!

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Corporate America Doesn’t Respect Parenthood!

working mom and daughterA bold statement I know. Especially considering that the majority of corporate policy makers are parents themselves. But, if you look at the way that the majority of US corporations treat their employees it is pretty obvious that they have little compassion for the needs of our country’s working parents.

It’s not just corporate employers who are guilty of cruel insensitivity. Just look at the terrible example the US government has set with it’s Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 which mandates a minimum 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Sure, twelve weeks may sound like a lot compared to the measly 2-4 weeks of paid vacation that most employees receive, but bear in mind that this 12 weeks is all that new mothers get before they are forced to leave their new babies to return to work.

To put this in perspective for you, in Germany, mothers are given 120 weeks of unpaid leave, and that’s on top of the first 42 weeks of paid time that they get off work to heal and bond with their need babies. That’s 10X the unpaid leave that we get in America, plus they get almost a whole year of paid time off too. I won’t go over all the countries that hook new moms up, but France is another noteworthy one. France gives new moms 142 weeks of unpaid time off on top of 20 weeks paid.

Many people will tell you that something like this “would never work”. Just imagine all those pregnant moms behind the counter at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, all getting paid for months by their employers to stay home a nurture their brand new babies. My gosh, they wouldn’t have to go on welfare! So we, the taxpayers, would be supporting them, it would be their employers supporting them. What a novel concept. Of course those same people who told you that this would never work will also tell you that making employers give paid time off would cause them to raise prices. I mean, you might end up paying a buck more for your cheeseburger, heaven forbid.

The way I see it, if mother’s were allowed to stay home longer with their babies it would strengthen society as a whole, and improve the quality of family life for the vast majority of Americans. These days the bonds of family have eroded. Women need to buy guides on how to potty train their kids, like the one in this Start Potty Training review, rather than simply reaching out to their own mothers and other women in their community who can share their own experience and maternal wisdom.

It’s not like I have no sensitivity towards the companies who employ mother’s. Obviously giving new moms time off, both paid and unpaid is going to effect a business’ bottom line. In the end what it really comes down to is ethics. Is it ethical not to pay a new mother in your employ, who needs time off to care for her offspring? In my opinion the answer is a resounding “no”, but this is something that we all need to decide for ourselves.



New Book Exposes What Men Secretly Want

There is a new program out there that promises to reveal to women what men secretly want. This was pretty funny, because as a guy I’m pretty clear on what I want in terms of dating and women, and I’m pretty sure that I don’t have any “secret wants” that I am hiding or anything like that. Now, I can’t speak for all men, but I am pretty sure that none of the guys I know have any weird secret things that they want either, except for possibly some kinky bedroom stuff that they might keep secret from the women they date at first so as not to freak them out.

This begs the question do men want from their wives, girlfriends, and the other women that they date and fraternize with? Obviously this is something that women are super confused about hence the need for programs like what men secretly want which is also sometimes referred to as the be irresistible program, or courses like the drama method which teaches women how to attract man by using a special kind of “drama”. Man oh man women must be really confuse if they think that drama is very attractive man, heck drama queens are like the biggest turnoff to me personally.

But what do I know? Just because I’ve been man for 38 years doesn’t mean I’m some sort of expert on male psychology now does it? Maybe men really do respond well to this special kind of drama, and perhaps there really is something that men secretly want from women that I just have no clue about. This being said, I would delight my readers by quickly listing off a few things that I found men pretty much want for women universally.

First, is sex. This should come as no big surprise. This man with healthy sex drives we typically rush to engage in some form of intercourse on a daily basis mystery other day for a lot of other fun hobbies that keep us busy.

Next on the list is a lack of nagging. I don’t know how many times guys need to tell women this but we really hate being nagged by you all! It is so annoying and really interferes with our enjoyment of life and our relationships with you.

Other then this, we also want women to keep up appearances and look sexy. We are not due to be supermodels or anything like that, but if you were a size 5 when we met you we really hope that you will be able to stay within a few dress sizes of that for the duration of our relationship. If you to a size 20 that is can be a disappointment because it’s just not a good luck for most people and its hard for most normal guys to really feel sexually attracted to a woman that large.

More common things that guys want their relationships companionship, nurturing, support, and fun. Basically men want to have warm friendly relationships with women in their lives so they can joke around and really enjoy one another’s company. Other than that, there really isn’t much more that the average guy is looking for in a woman. Of course she is a good cook and cooks for him regularly, and keeps the house tidy and so forth those are bonuses as well, but generally speaking in this day and age guys aren’t really Ihung up on whether or not a woman is going to cook for him.