Sexual Problems In Men Over 40 Linked To Declining Economy?

Is there a link between the declining sexual health in men over 40 and our country’s current economic problems? Although somewhat of a risque subject, there have been many to hypothesize a connection between the poor state of the United State’s finances and the apparently increasing number of US men over 40 experiencing sexual dysfunction issues like ED (erectile dysfunction) and decreased libido.

While I think that we can safely assume that these sexual issues probably have more than a few causes, all working in conjuncture with each other, the possibility that there may be economic factors involved was something that I found quite interesting.

In the (admittedly limited) research I conducted I discovered that while many studies have named stress as a major cause of ED, the underlying root cause of sad stress has rarely been looked into deeply, specifically in terms of how it could affect men’s sexual health.

I would wager however that financial woes are the number one leading cause of stress in America, followed closely by health and family issues. therefore it only stands to reason that the past few decades of lackluster growth and a worsening job market would be major causes of stress for older men.

As we’ve all heard – the gap between the wealthy and the impoverished is growing at an alarming rate. The middle-class is shrinking and it only makes sense that those Americans who have “fallen out” of the middle class would be experience a high degree of stress as well as the accompanying health-related side effects.

Like I talked about in my last post, corporate America is making life hard on their employees who they routinely exploit and control. In a situation like that it only makes sense that men would be struggling to maintain healthy libidos and sex-lives into their forties and beyond.

Treating ED:

One positive note however is the fact that these days there are a great many more options for men dealing with these types of issues including herbal remedies, supplements like 5G Male, therapists of every kind, and even sexual education curriculum intended for adults.

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After all, while our country’s financial future may still look a bit hazy, let’s not let it destroy our sex lives for gosh sakes!

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