New Book Exposes What Men Secretly Want

There is a new program out there that promises to reveal to women what men secretly want. This was pretty funny, because as a guy I’m pretty clear on what I want in terms of dating and women, and I’m pretty sure that I don’t have any “secret wants” that I am hiding or anything like that. Now, I can’t speak for all men, but I am pretty sure that none of the guys I know have any weird secret things that they want either, except for possibly some kinky bedroom stuff that they might keep secret from the women they date at first so as not to freak them out.

This begs the question do men want from their wives, girlfriends, and the other women that they date and fraternize with? Obviously this is something that women are super confused about hence the need for programs like what men secretly want which is also sometimes referred to as the be irresistible program, or courses like the drama method which teaches women how to attract man by using a special kind of “drama”.

Man oh man women must be really confuse if they think that drama is very attractive man, heck drama queens are like the biggest turnoff to me personally.

But what do I know? Just because I’ve been man for 38 years doesn’t mean I’m some sort of expert on male psychology now does it? Maybe men really do respond well to this special kind of drama, and perhaps there really is something that men secretly want from women that I just have no clue about. This being said, I would delight my readers by quickly listing off a few things that I found men pretty much want for women universally.

First, is sex. This should come as no big surprise. This man with healthy sex drives we typically rush to engage in some form of intercourse on a daily basis.

Next on the list is a lack of nagging. I don’t know how many times guys need to tell women this but we really hate being nagged by you all! It is so annoying and really interferes with our enjoyment of life and our relationships with you.

Other then this, we also want women to keep up appearances and look sexy. We are not due to be supermodels or anything like that, but if you were a size 5 when we met you we really hope that you will be able to stay within a few dress sizes of that for the duration of our relationship. If you to a size 20 that is can be a disappointment because it’s just not a good look for most people and its hard for most normal guys to really feel sexually attracted to a woman that large.

More common things that guys want their relationships companionship, nurturing, support, and fun. Basically men want to have warm friendly relationships with women in their lives so they can joke around and really enjoy one another’s company. Other than that, there really isn’t much more that the average guy is looking for in a woman. Of course if she is a good cook and cooks for him regularly, and keeps the house tidy and so forth those are bonuses as well, but generally speaking in this day and age guys aren’t really hung up on whether or not a woman is going to cook for him.